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Leave a Gift in Your Will

Help Us Plan for the Future

You are planning for your future. Now consider helping us plan for ours. Your future comes first. Do you have a will? A will is a legal document that distributes your property and the assets of your estate to individuals and charities you wish. The Salvation Army would like to ask you to consider including us in your will to receive a future gift from your estate.

Your will is an expression of the values, material and spiritual, you have acquired in your lifetime and wish to pass on to your heirs and to charities. It is rewarding to know that your will supports an organization that reflects the rules of your life - loving, caring, helping and sharing.

The Salvation Army would like to give you more information in this area. We will be happy to send materials to you, or a personal visit can be arranged with no obligation on your part. For more information about making a gift to The Salvation Army through your will, please call 1-800-569-1765 (in Texas) or 214-956-6271.
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