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Paper Kettle Program

A Turnkey Program for Point-of-Sale Fund Raising.


What Is A Paper Kettle?

  • An alternative to the traditional on-site Red Kettles collecting donations at businesses.
  • Utilizes transactions at point-of-sale to receive customer donations.
  • Paper Kettles are available as pin-ups in $1 and $5 increments in lots of 100.
  • Paper Kettles can be imprinted with UPC codes provided by the business.

Why Do A Paper Kettle Program?

  • Support The Salvation Army by “Doing the Most Good” in the community.
  • Your participation promotes your company’s commitment to giving back.
  • Your support makes the community a better place and ties you positively to your customer’s good will.
  • Your leadership provides your business with a “halo effect” in the community.

Who Utilizes Paper Kettles?

  • Companies who have retail locations to support HOSTING a Paper Kettle Campaign with their customers and patrons to collect donations for a designated period of time.
  • Companies who want to offer their customers a convenient way to donate to The Salvation Army, especially during the peak holiday season.

How Does a Paper Kettle Program Work?

  • Company commits to execute a Paper Kettle campaign during November and/or December.
  • Company provides cost coverage for a minimum of 500 Paper Kettles and places an order for Paper Kettles in $1 and/or $5 denominations.
  • Company can customize their Paper Kettles with a UPC Code, which can be provided when quantities are ordered.
  • Company is responsible for activating the program for specified run-dates and with any other suitable means of promotions.
  • Donation is credited to hosting company and acknowledged with tax benefits.

Paper Kettle Hosting Ideas

  • Create a competition between stores in your system to encourage employees and customers to have fun with the program.
  • Consider awarding prizes for best performances.
  • Announce the program to local media and give participating stores community PR and press coverage opportunities.
  • Create a small customer incentive by having vendors provide giveaways or discount offers for everyone who donates $5 or more.

Paper Kettle Contact Information

Allison Sheeder
Corporate Relations
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