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Senior Citizens

The elderly living in poverty are a vulnerable part of our population. The Salvation Army answers the call to meet the needs of our aging population, when no one else will care for them.

Last year the DFW Metroplex Command:

  • Operated two apartment buildings to provide affordable housing to 270 senior citizens
  • Visited nearly 32,000 elderly in nursing homes
  • Conducted weekday fellowship groups for 883 seniors
  • Provided Christmas gifts via Senior Angel Tree to over 9,000 elderly

Weekday Fellowship Groups - Help seniors feel a sense of connection to others and give them something to look forward to on weekday mornings. Several Salvation Army community centers have daily morning programs for seniors (Monday through Friday) that include activities such as: crafts, ceramics, sewing, dominoes, games, exercise, sing-alongs, dancing, and guest speakers.

Nursing Home Visits - Through a program called League of Mercy, men, women, and young people spend countless hours making personal visits and conducting services to raise the spirits of lonely and sick people throughout the year.

Older Adult Camp - Each September, senior citizens from the DFW Metroplex travel to The Salvation Army's statewide camp facility, Camp Hoblitzelle- to participate in Older Adult Camp. The three-day retreat on the outskirts of Midlothian,provides a variety of exciting activities for seniors, including crafts, BINGO, fishing, and dancing.

Apartments for Independent Living - Over 200 apartments are available for single or married, low-income seniors.

Catherine and Evangeline Booth Friendship Houses

1901 and 1909 E. Seminary Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76119