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DFW Metroplex Command Advisory Board

Executive Committee

  • Rick Martin

  • J.D. McCaslin
    Immediate Past Chair

  • Judy Gibbs
    Leadership Chair

  • Bobby Lyle
    Long Range Plan Chair

  • Carl Ice
    Management Services Chair

  • Bernie DiFiore
    Program Services Chair

  • William Ross
    Resource Development Chair

  • Lee Slaughter

  • Dan Chestnut

  • Bernice Washington

Advisory Board Members

Mrs. Ruth Altshuler*
                  Civic Leader
Mr. Robert F. Amundsen*
                  Business Services
Mrs. Charlotte Jones Anderson
                  Executive Vice President, Brand Management, President of Charities
                  Dallas Cowboys Football Club
Mrs. Marilyn H. Augur**
                  President & CEO, Marilyn Augur Enterprises
Mr. S. Jack Balagia, Jr.
                  VP & General Counsel, Exxon Mobil Corporation
Mr. Henry (Peter) Beck
                  CEO, The Beck Group      
Dr. Ernest E. Beecherl
                  General Surgeon, Southwest General Surgical Associates
Mr. Mike Berry
                  President, Hillwood Properties
Mrs. Sally B. Berry
                  Civic Leader
Mr. Robert Best
                  Chairman & President, Atmos Energy
Mr. Darwin Bruce
                  COO, The Potter’s House
Mr. James D. Caldwell
                  President, TRT Holdings, Inc.
Mr. John D. (Denny) Carreker
                  Vice Chairman, Jet Linx Management Company, LLC
Mrs. Barbara Charlton
                  Civic Leader
Mr. Daniel O. Chesnut
                   Partner, Advisory Operations Leader, KPMG LLP
Mrs. Rita Clements**
                  Civic Leader
Mr. J.H. Cullum Clark
                  President, Prothro Clark Company
Mr. David A. Cole
                  Retired Executive, AT&T
Mrs. Millie Cooper*
                  The Cooper Aerobics Center
Mr. Doug Curtis
                  President & CEO, AT&T Performing Arts Center
Mrs. Linda Custard**
Mr. Richard L. Davis
                  CEO, DAVACO, Inc.
Ms. Nancy Dedman
                  Civic Leader
Mr. Bernard DiFiore
                  President & CEO, BenefitMall, Inc.
Mrs. Alison Farrow
                  Civic Leader    
Mrs. Mary Clare Finney
                  CEO, Spyglass, LP    
Ms. Joyce Fox
                  Joyce Fox Interiors, Inc.
Mr. James B. Francis, Jr. 
                  Consultant, Investor, Francis Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. Alan Friedman
                  President, Trisept
Dr. Elba Garcia
                  Dallas County Commissioner District 4 
                  Dentist – Garcia-Ibancovichi Dental
Mr. James B. Gardner**
                  SAMCO Capital Market
Mrs. Louise Griffeth
                  Civic Leader
Mr. James L. Hailey
                  Retired Executive , JCPenney
Ms. Jean M. Hobby
                  Global Strategy Team, PricewaterhouseCooper
Mrs. Carol Huckin
                  Civic Leader
Mr. Carl Ice
                  President & Chief Operating Officer
                  BNSF Railway Company
Mr. Willis Johnson
                  CEO, WAI-WIZE
Mrs. Gene Jones
                  Civic Leader
Mrs. Nancy E. Judy
                  Civic Leader, Former County Commissioner
Mr. Frank A. King
                  Partner, King Capital Partners
Mr. Richard Knight, Jr.
                  President, Pegasus Texas Construction
Mrs. Jeanie Laube
                   Retired Director of Community Service, Hockaday/St. Mark’s Schools
Mr. Bobby B. Lyle
                   Founder & Chairman, Lyco Holdings Incorporated
Mr. Ashok Mago
                  Chairman & CEO, Mago and Associates
Ms. Carolyn Martin
                  Co-owner/co-founder, Groschup Martin Wealth Management
Mr. Richard K. Martin
                  Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP
Mrs. Sara Martineau
                  Past President, Foundation for the Callier Center
Mr. Preston McAfee
                  President/CEO, Rogers-O’Brien Construction
Mrs. Lynn H. McBee
                  Civic Leader
Mr. J.D. McCaslin
                   President, J.D. McCaslin & Company
Mr. P. Mike McCullough
                  Attorney, Thompson & Knight LLP
Mrs. Linda McFarland
                  Partner , Community Connection
Mr. David B. Miller
                  Managing Partner, EnCap Investments
Mrs. Anne Mewhinney Monning
                  Civic Leader
Mr. J. Ray Nixon, Jr.
                   Principal/Portfolio Manager, Investment Management Firm
Mr. Erle Nye
                  Chairman Emeritus, TXU Corp.
Mrs. Debbie Oates
                  Civic Leader
Mrs. Rena Pederson
                  Former Director of Communications, National Math and Science Initiative
Mrs. Margot Perot*
                  Civic Leader
Mrs. Jan R. Pickens
                  Civic Leader
Mrs. Michal Powell
                  Civic Leader
Ms. Caren Prothro**
                  Civic Leader
Mr. Stan H. Richards
                  Principal, The Richards Group
Ms. Carol Roberts
                  Community Relations & Partnerships, Albertsons
Mr. Elliott (Tony) Roosevelt, Jr.
                  Private Oil and Gas Operator, Santa Rosa Oil Company
Mr. William R. Ross
                  Executive Vice President, NorthMarq Capital
Mr. Parker W. Rush
                  CEO, Clearview Risk Holdings, LLC
Mr. David O. Russell
                  Vice President - External Affairs, Verizon
Mrs. Mardie Schoellkopf
                  Civic Leader
Mr. Mark Schortman
                  Senior Vice President & Region General Manager, Coca-Cola Refreshments
Mr. Robert E. Scott
                  Retired Banking/Financial Services
Mrs. Peggy Sewell
                  Civic Leader
Mrs. Shelle Sills
                  Civic Leader
Mr. Lee R. Slaughter*
                  President, Kahala Investments, Inc.
Mr. John L. Strauss
                  JLS Investments
Mr. Philip D. Swatzell
                  Private Banking & Managing Director, Credit Suisse
Mr. LaMonte Thomas
                  President & General Manager for North Texas & Oklahoma, Cigna
Mr. Doug Thompson
                  Vice President Acquisitions, Thompson Realty Corporation
Mr. Vincent E. Thompson**
                  Attorney & President, Vince Thompson & Associates, Inc.
Mrs. Lisa Copeland Troutt
                  Civic Leader
Dr. R. Gerald Turner
                  President, Southern Methodist University
Mr. Scott Turpin
                  President, T Bar M, Inc. 
Ms. Nancy Underwood**
                  President, Underwood Financial Ltd.
Mrs. Christi Carter Urschel**
                  Crowley-Carter Foundation
Mr. Terdema L. Ussery II
                  President & CEO, Dallas Mavericks
Mrs. Bernice J. Washington
                  President & CEO, BJW Consulting Group, LLC.
Mr. Wayne Watts
                  Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel, AT&T, Inc.
Mr. Bill Waugh**
                  Chairman, The Waugh Company
Dr. Phillip E. Williams, Jr.**
                  Neurosurgeon, Neurological Surgery
Mr. Donald H. Wills
                  Banking, Oil & Gas, Business Consulting

*     Life Member
**   Emeritus Member